The Head

Every time my sweet boy has rolled over, tumbled, tripped, etc, I have had a minor panic attack.  Yes, I know, every new parent/first time parent ‘freaks out’ over every bump and bruise.  (I was the parent who was on the phone with the pediatrician’s nurse double checking myself when my two year old son tripped down two steps.)  My biggest concern in a head injury.  I guess once you experience the worst that is what your greatest fear becomes . . . that a loved one, a child, will have to endure your nightmare themselves.  (More on that later)

Back to the story . . .  I am attempting to get dressed, after a long night and an all but lazy morning, when my 4 year old sweet boy calls out, ‘The neighbor boys are outside.’  I then start scrambling to finish putting clothes on as my 4yr old throws clothes on and is out the door.  Yes, he ran out back and left the screen door open.  (Thank goodness that my mom’s Havanese, that we are ‘dog sitting,’ is so well-trained that she just sat at the open door waiting for me to come down.)  Finally I have something on and am out the door with harnessed dog in tow.  Outside I go over to the other mom who is playing frisbee with her youngest, also 4 yrs old, and watch my sweet boy playing tag with the neighbor’s 6yr old son and two unknown boys.  The mom and I are chatting about Monster Jam, that her and husband took the two boys to last night.  (Dear son went yesterday at noon with his Nono and Nono’s best friend, Mr T, and grandson.)  I don’t even know what we were talking about exactly when out of the corner of my eye I see two boys chasing my son.

Then I heard it a smack, or was it a crack, quite possibly a thud, not really sure.  The next thing I realized was I was on the ground lifting my crying son into my lap.  Sitting there for who knows how long slowly calming my son down.  When he is ‘sort of’ okay we walk up to hill towards our deck.  My dear son sits in his little lawn chair and asks for ‘some privacy please.’  At this time I step over and sort out the events with my neighbor and we both conclude that it was one of the unknown boys , reportedly 8/9yrs old, that pushed my neighbors 6yr old into my sweet son.  (The two unknown boys are nowhere to be seen.)

I have gone through everything on the internet as to how to determine signs of a concussion, what to look for in mild TBI, possible subdural hematoma, etc.  Again I know that I freak out when it has anything to do with a possible head injury.  I have had my son track my finger, seen if pupils were the same size, had the neighbor check the size of dear sons pupils, etc.  Now dear son is getting ready to go to sleep for the night.  I will wake him up when I go to sleep and then again 4hrs later.  We will watch him over the next week to look for any other signs of a TBI, etc.

I will let my dear son fall and get scraped and will warn him if he is doing something reckless only to see him continue with the action and get banged up.  When it comes to his head . . . I do not take chances.